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05 Feb 2022 • 3 min read
  • Development

# Goodmorning reader,

this morning started of with me for the first time waking at 5:30. While this is not my target time to wake up, I was awake and thought I'd get out of bed anyway. I'll be writing this blog in chronological order. Currently already did a small work out but I am not able to do too much yet because I am stuck in covid quarantine before I can fly home on the 11th of february. After my workout had a shower and it's currently 6:48 am.

My plan for the day is the following: I want to get this blogging site up ASAP. Preferably before the 10th of february. So this is what I'll be focusing on. In order to achieve that I need to know how I want to build it and the design for it. My initial idea was to use vuepress in relation with markdown and probably host it through netlify. I already have an idea for the design but i dont think that's going to work very well so i'm going to start anew. I have approximately an hour before breakfast arrives (usually around 8) so let's get started.

# 7:48 am

So secondary design drafts for the website are now complete. Homepage may change depending on wether or not i want to start using images for each blog post but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. But considering the amount of work that may take I'd say it's unlikely that I will. Home page design Post page design

# 9:00 am

After breakfast and a few more touch ups to the design I am now ready to start developing it. I want to make it static (for as long as I can) until I see the need to update it towards something different. Next step is to see wether or not something like vuepress may be able to help me in my endeavour of building this thing. I would like to be able to use vuepress because it means I can simply write markdown and it'd convert to a page for me. So time to get to researching.

# 4:17 pm

After a bunch of work i managed to get the vuepress boilerplate to work with the theme I wanted. Next i need to work on the post page and make the site mobile friendly. After that is done I can work on the tagging, filtering, sorting and searching and then the site should be done.

# Crypto updates

Not entirely sure about bitcoin weekend price action. It hasnt been very valuable as of late, however the fact that it is close to HTF resistance makes it more prone to fuckery. Low timeframe is probably the best still considering the PVP market. There are air pockets towards mid 30s and high 50s. So maybe a volatility hedge would be a decent idea at these stages. The hard part about the current markets (but trading in general) is the patience that is sometimes required in order to be able to take certain setups.

With this I conclude my day. I know what I want to do tomorrow and it is now time to relax

Thanks for reading