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My Second Post

04 Feb 2022 • 6 min read
  • Personal

This blog post is for personal accountability. I am not entirely happy with where I stand but I will never be able to grow out of that if I don't go and do something about that myself. But in order to do so I need to be truthful to you, the reader, but more importantly to myself: It doesn't matter at all if you are correct, it matters wether or not you have done something about it. You will need to perservere through the depths of despair to get to the other side that you want to get to.

# Specifying my goals

  • Getting fitter; both conditionally as well as physically because I believe that a healthy body directly correlates to being healthier mentally. So in essence i want to workout physically to get stronger mentally.

    # To specify further

    • Be able to run 10km consecutively in 1 hour (to start)
    • Be able to bike 30km consecutively in 1 hour (to start)
    • Work on my core to improve posture and balance
    • Work on my arms so I am able to lift more and dont appear so weak all the time.

      The last one is undoubtedly the most important to me but I wrote it last because It's my biggest insecurity. Even while writing this blog post im struggling coming clean about my flaws... but it is what it is and I have to deal with it.

  • Increase networth; I want to do this because I want to set myself up for life to the point that even taxes don't stress me anymore and I'll be able to live off of dividends but still be able to grow my networth besides that.

    So whats a specific goal here? Lets say we determine tax to be near 2-3% yearly on box 3. Given that highest dividends are maybe around that percentage that means I'd need to be able to live off of 1% of my networth so that majority can be reinvested. In order to have a nice comfortable lifestyle i'd want to have 100k after taxes so that leaves a minimum networth of 15 million euro. That's roughly a 5x from current standing. This may not seem much but i can assure you that handling such money is extremely difficult for me mentally speaking. This is partly also the reason why i want to work out.

    Growing physically makes me grow mentally which will innevitably let me raise my personal level. This is what I believe and thus this it shall be. I need to work for this. Not for you but for me.

# Making a plan

While these goals are nice, a goal without a plan is just a dream so what are the next steps I can entail to grow from here and make this actionable? Lets start with working out:

# Fitness

I need to learn the gym techniques that I can use to grow my body. I have a friend that should be able to help me with this. Next I need to find a time to do this. While working out is often done in the evening by many. I simply will not have the discipline to work out after a day of working. In the afternoon I'll be too lazy and in the morning I can't get up.

So what's the best option? Since neither 3 are great (from current P.O.V.). I think the easiest way to eliminate the friction between thinking about doing it and actually doing it is to start early in the morning. 6 o'clock get up and do a workout + shower after and finish at 7:30. This is the goal. The longer my workout, the shorter my shower or the earlier i have to wake up.

So now I have a better idea of what I want to do, how I am going to do it and the time on when to do it. I am still going to need to buy some weights for upper body but i'll know more once I asked my friend. I understand if you want to help me by sending what you think I need to do but considering the fact I'm likely to get 50 different replies It'd be unwise to follow up and just ask 1 person.

# Financial growth

I'm a trader by definition now. This is where I made the bulk of my money and so this is what will most likely continue to make me most of my money. While i mentioned above i need to pull a 5x, this is not entirely true because i dont have all my money ready to trade with. So realistically speaking i need to pull a 6x in $ and 7x in euro.

I need to drop my bitcoin maximalism for a bit because I still consider the fact that there is macro market uncertainty. The rally that happened on 4th of february doesn't change this for me but makes me look for potential buying opportunities.

I'm also recognizing the fact that march/april could potentially come up as a pivotal point for all of crypto where a macro bottom is most likely to form (given that this doesnt just continue grinding up). This is where i wanna deploy capital to make the most money i can while play local levels in between. The idea furthermore is to not rush the process and let greed become the better of me. I really have to focus on small local setups with my big trade account and compound when i feel its best to do so.

Furthermore this blog will also contain these local setups on the day I take them but keep in mind I'll post these blogs at the end of the day (UTC time) and so these may not be valid for you (the reader) anymore. However, hopefully this journaling will allow me to avoid the common mistakes that I keep making and give you a look into my thought process over why i took certain setups.

# Time scale and wrap up

What are some realistic time goals that I can achieve these big dreams in? Well to be quite frank, none of these goals seem achievable in one or two years so I cannot answer you that. However, what I think is more important is the fact that I am willing to go back to the drawing board and setting my pride aside and re-invent the way I did things to hopefully be able to set my next two steps forward. I believe this may be the necessary steps I need in order to grow further and with that I conclude this second blog post.

~Thanks for reading,