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Final blog touches

06 Feb 2022 • 3 min read
  • Development

Last night after I finished the blog I worked on the post page and got that up and running for 95% of the way. However, the devil is in the detail as they always say and that 5% may probably take as long as the other 95% if I'm not careful. So here is the run down of what is left to do for the post page:

Fix a width issue on the text and footer. Both are set to 70ch but both have different widths. I'm not experienced in using 70ch as max-width so we'll have to see how to fix that.

Mobile responsiveness. Haven't done this so far for either the home or post page so this is something i need to work on. I hope to get it working on both pages before lunch. The hardest part will be scrolling on the tag bar with overflows. I always dislike making that.

Now there is one big annoyance, the wifi at the hotel im quarantined in currently has issues with WIFI for my laptop so I'm not able to get all the text assets that I might need. But let's give it a go anyway

# 11:45 am

First of all the WIFI works now which is nice. Second of all i fixed the width issue by just calculating the width 70 characters would use and using the pixels instead. Furthermore the post page is now fully responsive and a big part of the homepage is now responsive as well.

I am not going to lie im struggling with motivation today. I woke up at 1 am with terrible stomach pains and that hasn't subsided to where I can work normally and that is causing me to have problems concentrating. I hope this lets up in the afternoon so i can Just do my work.

# 9:00pm

I worked hard the rest of the day to get tagging and search working (which was basically all that was left) and I'm happy to say that that is now also functional to the extend that I want it to work. However, the real test is tomorrow as I start importing more sophisticated blogposts into the markdown. It is bound to turn up some things that I've overlooked but I'll figure those out when I get to them.

Sorry for the short update today but not much else happened so with that I thank you for reading and maybe tomorrow will be a bit more lively.