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Market meltdown

24 Feb 2022 • 1 min read
  • Crypto

So it's finally happening, the warning signs showed up early last week and now the market finally melted towards 34k. While coping bulls attribute this to russia invading ukraine, the fact remains that markets have been weak for a while and this continues to be the case. The question remains however how offsided bulls are opposed to bears in the current goings on. While bulls hope for war so the printer can continue to go brrrr. The fed continued to say the past days that despite everything, they still want to hike interest rates.

At this point a global recession is not out of the question and I wish you save travels while we undergo difficult times in the market. For now I'll continue to sit it out in cash and wait for good value areas before stacking anything. The macro risk and the price risk is currently not worth it to take macro swings. I may still play bounces in between with smaller capital but these conditions do not favor me and thus it is best to remain patient.

Be careful and good luck.