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Short update

27 Feb 2022 • 1 min read
  • Personal

Past few days have been a bit difficult for me because I've been stuck with the design for the main porject that I'm working on. This is incredibly frustrating and I just can't continue with it. In the mean time I have simply been working on an app design for my old employer in return for a new mac mini that might come out march 8th. But that is not something I can share on here just yet (if ever).

I'm still watching the market but it is still not very much of interest even though it did already recover from 34k to 39k but it remains to be seen wether or not that was just a short squeeze. For now I'll continue to practice patience and wait for better oppertunities.

On the bright side I am getting a call tomorrow about a potential project build for my future home and I am very excited about this. I know that a build is likely going to take a bit of time, 6-12 months depending on the home.