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Post weekend update

21 Feb 2022 • 2 min read
  • Personal
  • Crypto

# Personal update

Goodmorning, lets start off this morning with a bit of a personal update. I can very much feel the fact that im getting stronger in my lower arms (this goes both for my left and right arm). I do however still need to purchase some weights for my upper arms. As for running and waking early, well that's a whole different story. It's difficult for me to really wake early and get out of bed at home whereas on vacation I did not have an issue. This might be weather related as it is way colder here and my body just refuses to get away from the comfy bed. So what I think I'll have to do is set a charger on my desk (facing the other wall) so that I have to get up and walk to it before I can turn it off.

Now what I said I'd do on saturday is what I did do, I helped my friend out fix his thing and looked over some things that he send me for the project. Not sure I want to go through with the ideas that he send (because they are old) but we'll have to look further and brainstorm some more before coming up with concepts. Lastly I also did some market analysis this weekend and the results of that can be found on my (twitter)[https://twitter.com/warobusiness].

# Wrap up

Well most of the day was actually spend on looking at future homes and regions that I potentially want to move towards instead of working on things that mattered. However, sometimes plans change throughout the day and this was one of those days. Back to work tomorrow.