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Styling the content and more

07 Feb 2022 • 3 min read
  • Development
  • CX13

This morning I awakened at 6 am and did the schedule that I've so far set out to do. I have been following this schedule and so far it is going fine but it isn't consistent enough yet and I've found in the past that starting isn't the difficult part but rather it is keeping the habbit up and going. Especially if you have one off day it becomes very hard for me to pick up the schedule again the next day. So I think not taking a single day off from the schedule (from when i awake) would be the better option for me.

# 11:20am

So the main thing that i wanted to work on today was importing blog posts into markdown and get more familiar with its syntax. So far it is going pretty good but I still need to find a writing style that I'm comfortable with and that I realistically can keep up with. Regardless I've been able to style the content the way that I want to style it. While changes may come in the future, for now it will stand as is.

# New idea

While i was doing my morning routine I thought of a new tool that i can start making. I want to build a tool that collects all funding rates from all perp contracts and combine that with liquidity depth and volatility. I am aware of several tools existing but i dont think any tool does all three of them and I believe that may be something that is useful to have. So while I am waiting for bitcoin to make up its high time frame mind, I'll likely be starting to write out this idea very soon and see what I can build from it.

# Update 15 February 2022

Project upgraded to concept status, given the name CX13

# 7:30pm

As we always say, the devil is in the detail and with this project that is definitely no different. In order to preserve whatever shred of anonimity I have left I had to make some changes towards my dribbble account. This was sadly not the only problem however. Because There were issues with search also searching for headings and I absolutely do not want this for my blog so I had to do a nice little workaround there to get it working.

Next I found out that the beautiful background with the colored bubbles wasnt displaying nicely on phone and was causing a massive amount of scrolling issues that I had not yet encountered on my laptop. This is yet another testament that you absolutely HAVE to test your code on devices. It is a necessity. I do have a small work around but i don't like it so it is likely that I'll be tinkering with it some more at a later point.

# 10:00pm

Haven't done much for the rest of the night and don't have any real updates to share. Tomorrow I'll likely fix the last couple things for the blog and write a more detailed plan for the idea that sprung into my mind and maybe design a first quick draft of it.

With that I'll conclude my day and thank you for reading,