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Continuing the design

14 Feb 2022 • 3 min read
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# Personal Update

Goodmorning, had a bit of a late start (still recovering from jetlag) and I had a morning walk instead of a run. Coming out of ten day isolation and a nineteen day vacation took more of a toll on my physique than I had originally anticipated. So I am starting off with a one hour walk per day for a week before committing to a run.

# Market Update

I checked the market and it doesn't really look great for bitcoin on the high time. Last week closed quite bearish and ALTS looking like they are on the verge of breaking support lines. Best guess is to see if you can get spikes up so you can get some better short entries in (or wait until they bearish retest previous support).

With this out of the way it looks like I'll be able to now focus my efforts on fixing up design flaws on the homescreen i posted in yesterdays blog.

# 1:37pm

Yea I am really liking the idea of putting together your own boards with elements of data that you deem useful instead of a predetermined layout. Gives the whole thing a more personalized experience. Furthermore I came up with the "top scorers" element for best tradable coins according to your personal filters. New element: "Top scorers"

The idea is to turn the overview back into a table (keeping the elements I build) and using the cards to display the best scoring coins.

# 2:40pm

This table might actually work (mind you it's filled with dummy data) the way I want to. It will need some tweaking for mobile and of course the user need to have full adjustability over what he/she wants to show inside this table. Updated element: "Overview"

# Intermediary market update

We may get higher rate hikes than originally thought. Effect won't be very clear until later but this re-iterates that this year calls for caution as the FED seems far more interested in curb stomping inflation above keeping all of our ponzis afloat. Source: @tier10k (opens new window)

# Wrap up

Today was a good day. Despite it being short on the work front I did get the things done that I wanted to get done, namely the components described above. The direction change for the app towards a board like structure helped me figure out some monetizing aspects of the product which I'm content with. All in all it was a good and productive day. Next step is to think of some more components and to figure out the editting process of boards (design wise) before I think of a technical structure behind it. With that I'll end todays blog post and thank you for reading.