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Guess who's back

13 Feb 2022 • 2 min read
  • CX13
  • Personal

# Personal update

Hello, It's been a few days but I've been travelling from Curacao back home and recovering from my jetlag. With that out of the way I can now start committing more firmly to the goals that I set out earlier to complete. I will mention that I have not yet been able to do anything design wise for the idea that I had and I'm honestly doubting if the idea is as good as I thought it was or if I should just work on my friends idea. Regardless I think I should at least come up with some concept sketches so I can fill up my dribbble page.

# 3:04pm

So after a bit of playing I came up with the first concept idea for the mobile card. While it is missing some aspects that I want to put in, it did give me nice ideas for some components for L/S and book depth. Onto phase 2 where I implement the last 2 data points and see where it gets to. Concept #1 for the base card

# 4:04pm

After about one hour and about sixteen iterations I think I figured out which one I'll likely be using going forward. However design is always subject to change and A/B testing several variations in the future is probably a better idea but I currently do not have the resources to do this. Final concept for now

The next stage for this is to design a top header card. My idea here is to create a correlations chart and show the biggest deviations given bitcoin as 0.

# 8:32pm

A second idea for the top header card was to add time filters and to turn the deviation filter into a dropdown where you can choose between deviations and various market sectors for easy configuration. It's not finished yet and I'm not entirely happy with how everything looks together but this is what I've come up with so far:

Homescreen update with header card

# Wrap up

I'm not super satisfied yet and I find it a bit busy looking with all the coloring. I'll have to work on layout, whitespacing and coloring a little bit to see if I can come up with a better solution. With that I'll wrap up todays post and see you tomorrow.