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I flopped today

09 Feb 2022 • 3 min read
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# Personal update

As figured yesterday, screw up once and you will start falling back into old habits. The problem is that I am simply going to bed way too late which makes me too tired to get up in the wee hours of the morning. This is something I need to address if i want to keep up waking early.

Also before I continue further I do recognize that the way my blog posts is very chronological and so my headers may not always make sense. I might change that a little bit (maybe come up with different sections) but this is something I'll have to figure out along the way. I'm not a professional writer and this is something I started doing just to keep more focus on what I want to do. Furthermore I need to figure out times of my day that I want to work on a post because this is also very over the place right now and structuring this out might be a better idea for me.

With that said the plan for the day (as described yesterday) is to come up with some sketches for the app. The ideal situation is that I can finish sketching the idea before I fly home on the 11th of february (praying for that to happen at this point) but the likelyhood of that isn't very great. However I want to at least finish the main structure.

# 6:34pm

Well today didn't pan out exactly the way I wanted to but I did help my fren with some code problems that he faced which is unarguably a better use of my time anyway. We also came up with an idea that we might work on as a side hustle but it'll require a lot of setup work. Filing this idea under "cool but rest yet unknown" which often tend to be the best ideas.

I also couldn't concentrate to work on the design idea that I originally had so I didn't end up working on it.

# Market update

Concerns continue to rise for me on this leg up. As shared by my friend @Material_Scientist (opens new window), the driving force behind the latest rally has begun selling. This once again fuels the question how many legs this run has left. Furthermore it cements the fact (for me) that this is more likely to be an exit pump rather than a continuation of the bull run. Read the rest: here (opens new window)

# Wrap up

Well today was productive but not in the way that I wanted it to be which is fine but that does mean I am behind on my concept sketching. I hope I can get at least some of it done either tonight or tomorrow but I might also opt to relax at the pool considering tomorrow I'm allowed to leave quarantine. So with that I'll wrap up this blog post.