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Gloomy markets

18 Feb 2022 • 2 min read
  • CX13
  • Crypto

# Blog update

Today starts off with an apology, there was supposed to be a small update on the 16th but it never went live due to a build error which I hadn't noticed until this morning. This is now fixed. I will have to figure something out to catch these errors or simply do a due diligence check each nice to see if the blog still builds.

# Market update

As mentioned in this blog post and in this one. What very much seemed like an exit pump indeed turns out to be an exit pump as more and more bearish things have started to loom over the market.

Namely that the twapping entity that was the driving force for the latest move up has been selling off. Furthermore we also have a market structure break on the 4h and on the daily and a bearish weekly and monthly. It is going to be a while before we see macro upside as opposed to bull traps. Source: @Mtrl_Scientist (opens new window)

# Plan for the day

While i didnt make a blog yesterday, I mainly worked on the editting of a board. I think I may have a style ready that is worthy for editting elements. However, I need to make more complicated elements first before I can confidently say that it is indeed the case. Considering the edittor is THE core mechanic of the entire experience, this will require a lot more work from me in the coming weeks.

# Wrap up

Yea I'll be straight up honest, i didn't do jack shit today except play trackmania all day long. No valid excuse for it but I just couldn't get concentrated. Plan for tomorrow is to help a friend out with his website and maybe look at some components for my project again. If not I might look at doing some design work on the side hustle project instead.

Good night and goodbye,